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Bill L. Sherley

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Hi, my name is Bill Sherley, but my friends and family call me Lamont. I was born in Cincinnati Ohio, in 1967. I still work and live in the Greater Cincinnati area. In 1985, I graduated from the Apostolic Christian Acadamy and was the Salutatorian of my graduation class. In 2009, I completed the Univeristy of Cincinnati's Kroger Web Acadamy. I have also taken a number of online courses from websites like Udemy. Other than, the majority of my programming skills have been self taught.

I have over 15 years experience creating software, mobile apps, and websites, specializing in data solutions, for myself, employers, and clients. I have experience programming in many different languages such as VB.Net, VBA, Flutter/Dart, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. My current favorite projects involve working in Android Studio using Flutter to develop applications for Android, iOS, Desktop and Web.

I also enjoy digital photography and taking care of my six rescued dogs.

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